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Thoughts on new processes

Below is a summary of current plans when we reopen. We'll be refining and coming up with the SOP over the next week or two. Any input or suggestions are appreciated.

1. Patient Communication: Explain how the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Works and the fact that dentistry has always been strict on maintaining strong infection control.

2. Stagger Patients: So that patients are showing up at the same time. Always have a chair between patients on doctor chairs 1-3. Chair 2 can be used if 1 and 3 are open. Enclosed operatories don't have any restrictions, but alternate hygiene rooms if feasible.

3. Change Appointment Confirmation Style: Explain new safety policies over phone appointment confirmation calls. Ask confirmation questions.

4. Patient check-in: Take temperature and ask confirmation questions. Reschedule if necessary. Note that we aren't diagnosing or recommending medical steps to the patient based on temperature. We are simply protecting yourself, your team, and your patients.

5. Office Entry Restricted: Only patients may enter the office for an appointment. Spouses, friends caregivers, and parents need to wait outside in the car. They can assist the patient inside the front door then wait in the car until the appointment is complete.

6. Sanitization Technician / Environmental Dental Assistant: A dental assistant will be assigned to periodically sanitizing all areas of concern. This includes the front desk, waiting room, door handles, in addition to helping in the clinical areas.

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